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Alison and I aka “Warren & B” have been friends for over 16 years. It was a friendship like no other. It was one filled with trust, respect and love. No matter what we had each other’s back and supported one another. In March of 2012 my best B passed away suddenly and my whole world changed. My best friend, my support system, my life was gone just like that. For those who know me, you know that writing is my passion. My ultimate dream is to be a publish Author. B was one of my biggest supporters; she was always pushing me to write that book, I never did. But I will now in honor of her. RIP Alison aka B…this is all for you girlfriend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The First Sentence

Why is it that every time I have a story idea I always struggle with the "first sentence". Even though I know the start, most of the middle and the end, that pesky first sentence always wants to do battle with me. Is it because there is so much riding on it? I mean come on, if I can't grab a publisher’s attention to read my story after the first sentence how am I going to get my work published?

I'm currently in the process of writing another short story called "The Best Friend" and seriously I've been struggling with the first sentence for the last three days. It took me almost a week to figure out how I wanted to start the damn thing after my first attempt was a complete flop, and now here I am excited about how I want it to begin, but yet I can’t find that catchy first sentence..

I've gone as far as to Google "story starters" just to give me that boost, and still nothing. I know eventually it will come to me, whether on my way to work, at work, at home, in my dreams or just from talking to my "I think I'm a writer" boyfriend. I just hope it’s soon or I’ll just have to start with “It was a dark and stormy night…”

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