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Alison and I aka “Warren & B” have been friends for over 16 years. It was a friendship like no other. It was one filled with trust, respect and love. No matter what we had each other’s back and supported one another. In March of 2012 my best B passed away suddenly and my whole world changed. My best friend, my support system, my life was gone just like that. For those who know me, you know that writing is my passion. My ultimate dream is to be a publish Author. B was one of my biggest supporters; she was always pushing me to write that book, I never did. But I will now in honor of her. RIP Alison aka B…this is all for you girlfriend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The First Weekend of NaNo

The First Weekend of NaNo
Well I hope you all don’t hate me considering I told you I would have been giving you daily updates on how things are going and I am now in Day 7. I am happy to say that I am still writing, but I’ve definitely had my challenges. Here is the break down starting with:
Day 2- I had to work. Now between you and me Friday’s are usually my slow days I take my time to clean up all the back end stuff from the beginning of the week and I move at a slower pace. This is also a good time to get in some heavy word count, because I have a total of 1hr of free time (2 breaks and a lunch). Well of course this had to be the Friday when I had work coming out of my butt. Let me tell you I was so pissed! The good thing, however, I still managed to squeeze in a couple of words during my break and I had the evening to take it to the next level.
Total word count: 3,695
Day 3- It’s Saturday! Usually the day I get to sleep in, but not this day. I was up at 8AM, had my tea ready and at the computer. I was hyped I had the entire day to just sit there and write.
 I had some challenges for one I went back from the beginning and started editing that’s a no no in the rules of NaNo you are suppose to write until your hearts content and save the editing and rewriting for December, but what can I say I couldn’t resist…I’m a suck of reading the words I wrote and sometimes become in awe with myself to know that I have such a creative imagination, it also gives me a boast and a little confidence in myself that hell ya I can do this.
Another challenge I had was the internet, can I tell you that I’m obsessed! I’m either googling something or I’m on FB checking status’, the official NaNo site to see how everyone is doing and the Savvy website…I mean it was crazy.
And lastly the television; I know, I know what was I thinking, but in my defense I was watching the Investigative Discovery channel (ID). That channel is INSANE and I love it! It deals with crimes around the world, cold cases, fugitives, survivors and the list goes on. What can I say I’m fascinated with that kind of stuff, but it’s really good in helping me develop my villain so in the end it was for a good cause.
 Total word count: 8,497
Day 4- It’s Sunday! Now for me when I am home and not visiting family. Sunday is my chill day and when I say chill, I mean chill. I do nothing, nada! I stay in bed and relax. But in NaNo world this is the perfect opportunity to get even more writing done.
 Now I don’t know if you all remembered that the time change, but I didn’t. I got up at 7AM, when in actual fact it was 6AM, I tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t work so I decided to write and the worse thing that could ever happened did. I was not feeling my story, now don’t ask me how in the world that happened considering I had a really good day on Saturday, but it was really hating it. I found my characters Sydney and Lucas were not connecting the way they were suppose to. The vision I was seeing in my head was not filtering on paper, it was a mess.
My better half Kolin, who I must say has been cheering me on from day one called to check in and see my progress and I told him I HATE it he was shocked, especially since I was giving him great updates since I started. I started making excuses one why I wasn’t feeling it. As I had mentioned in the beginning this was not the story that I had planned for NaNo, and last minute I had to do a 360 change, dealing with new characters, plot, setting, everything and I don’t think I was as prepared as I was with the first one.
Now the good thing about Kolin is he’s a great listener and considering I’m the talker of the relationship it totally balances us out. He told me to take a breath and explain why I wasn’t feeling it and he wanted to hear the story idea again. I broke it down for him and he was taken aback as to why I wasn’t feeling it because he thought the idea was a good one. I figure he was saying it to make me feel better, but he really liked. He even tried to give a few suggestions on how to make it better, mind you some of the ideas where way out in left field, but I had to give it to him he was in it with me.
I jumped back on that bandwagon and tried to see if I could re group from a slight meltdown and pull a decent word count. Can’t say I was happy with the results.
Total word count:  3,628
Grand total word count: 18,619
Overall the first weekend was not bad. Could I have done better? Of course I could have, considering I was looked indoors for the entire weekend. I am proud of myself? Yes I am, writing a novel is no easy task! But I’m doing it! J
Until next time

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