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Alison and I aka “Warren & B” have been friends for over 16 years. It was a friendship like no other. It was one filled with trust, respect and love. No matter what we had each other’s back and supported one another. In March of 2012 my best B passed away suddenly and my whole world changed. My best friend, my support system, my life was gone just like that. For those who know me, you know that writing is my passion. My ultimate dream is to be a publish Author. B was one of my biggest supporters; she was always pushing me to write that book, I never did. But I will now in honor of her. RIP Alison aka B…this is all for you girlfriend!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Calm before the Storm

For those of you who know me know that every November I speak about NaNo that’s The National Novel Writing Month. It’s the month where you’re challenged to work 50,000 words in 30 days.  It’s fun, intense, and rewarding when you cross that finish line. I’ve tried to participate every year, but for some reason November seems to be the month where something comes up and just derails my dream and my focus. Not this time. Not this year! J
I came across this website Savvy Authors (writers helping writers) and they are having a special NaNo event Entangled Smack Down Boot Camp. So how this works is your broken down into your genre choice…I chose Romantic Suspense and from there split into a group of 5 with one Moderator.
In our group we are to write a total of 1, 667 words per day which is approx 4-5 pages and post it on site. There are also “Sprints” which are timed writing to help increase our word count and keep us moving forward.  At the end of it if we have a great product, who knows it can be considered for publication. That’s of course if all the guidelines are met.
When I first registered I was asked to submit a synopsis of my story (never done one in my life). I submitted my synopsis for Unspoken Secrets, but it was rejected because it didn’t fall within their guidelines L, so I was forced to come up with a totally different story and rewrite a new synopsis. It took me a day to come up with something, but keep in mind I only have the outer shell I haven’t gotten filling just right yet. I’ve been working for the last 3 days to work on the setting, plot, character, etc. Am I done? Not even close. I’m a stressing? Maybe a little. Will I succeed? HELL YA I will!
Did I mention that NaNo begins at midnight!
The great thing about NaNo is I could write whatever I want for a month and then fix it all up for the remaining 11.
For the next month I’ll be posting my daily word counts, my ups, my downs, my stress level, and whatever crazy experience I’ll go through and I would love to have you all follow along with me.
The one person who I know will be on this journey with me is my girl B. If she were here right now she would be saying “Come on Warren, you can do this”…it’s funny I can hear her voice right now J. 
Wish me luck folk…I gotta a funny feeling I’m gonna need a lot of it!
Until tomorrow!

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